Marketing shortcuts are not a thing.

There isn't a hack or a swipe file or a rip-and-repeat checklist that "works every time".

Marketing is about making a personal connection.

It's about empathy. A great marketer is able to feel what the customer truly cares about. Knowing them as they see themselves and how they see the world.

It's also about execution. Research and positioning only helps if it leads to action. Consistent, high-impact, data-driven action.

Sound like your approach? Then this role might be for you.

A creative media company that sells software.

Shiny Objects is the working title for a new company I'm starting (I'm Brian Casel, by the way. Hi 👋). This thing started as a software company. Our newest product is ZipMessage, a tool for async video conversations. It's off to a great start with some exciting early traction.

But if this company is going to thrive and grow, we need to be something more than just another SaaS in a sea of "alternatives".